Cut Flowers and Herbs

Bloom Where Planted has a mission of connecting people with plants and nature. What better way to do that than to grow flowers and herbs for the local community! Starting spring of 2024 we have the opportunity to plant, grow, and harvest in our own mini flower farm. We are excited not only to offer what we grow to the surrounding community but also hope to someday offer more on farm workshops and programs.

Available From the Farm 2024:

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Flower Monthly Share

Sign up for a monthly flower share -receive a unique mixed bouquet one time a week for 4 weeks. Flowers are grown with organic methods on our micro farm and picked fresh just for you. 

Delivery to the Burlington, CT area (within 30 minutes) available.

 Shares available in July, August, September, and October.


Bouquet size fits tightly in a quart size jar.