Why Plants and Nature?

Working with Plants has therapeutic value

The beneficial value of gardening and working with and around plants and nature has been well studied and documented. Just being able to view nature has been shown to improve health. Our gardening program incorporates principles and practices of therapeutic horticulture. The American Horticultural Therapy Association defines therapeutic horticulture as the process through which participants enhance their well-being through active or passive involvement in plant and plant-related activities.

Gardening and working with plants has been shown to lower anxiety levels, increase attentiveness and memory, reduce stress and improve mood, spark creativity, and improve physical health and strength. Our plant programs also emphasize positive social interaction, engagement, and inclusion, promoting a sense of community.

Time spent in or around nature has benefits for all

Time spent in nature improves mood and lowers stress; increases curiosity and critical thinking; improves confidence and self-esteem; and increases feelings of being grounded and connected. We strive to connect people with nature even if the people are in an indoor setting. We can do this through bringing natural materials inside, working with the senses to facilitate nature-based mindfulness, grounding exercises, and creative exploration and learning. 

What is a therapeutic plant and nature program?

Bloom Where Planted's therapeutic plant and nature programs are facilitated by Amy who has training in therapeutic horticulture as well as training in adaptive activities for different populations of people including those with autism, intellectual disability, mental health issues, physical disabilities, and seniors. 

The Therapeutic plant and nature program uses natural materials and plants to help improve general wellness in it's participants as well as working towards goals of improving memory and cognitive ability, language skills, improved coordination, improved self care, and more. Any number of personal or group goals can be addressed through the program as it can be adapted to any group. 

While at times it may seem like the activity is just a craft using materials from nature or a simple planting activity; in reality all activities are carefully and thoughtfully designed to accomplish certain therapeutic goals in a way that is engaging and enjoyable to all who are participating. 

There are many studied therapeutic benefits of working with, being around, or even observing plants and nature. What Bloom Where Planted offers is knowledge and skill in order to best take advantage of all these benefits.