Visiting Group Programs

Our Visiting Group Programs come to you!

Are you a group, facility, or program that is looking for a fun, beneficial, recreational or therapeutic program to enrich your participant's lives? We offer unique, informative, adaptable programs for a wide range of populations and travel throughout Northwest and Central Connecticut and beyond. We are available to come to any location within a one hour drive of Burlington, CT.

The Highlights:

The therapeutic plant and nature program uses natural materials and plants to help improve general wellness in it's participants as well as working towards goals such as improving memory and cognitive ability, language skills, improved coordination, improved self care, and more. Any number of personal or group goals can be addressed through the program as it can be adapted to any group.

Our plant programs also emphasize positive social interaction, engagement, and inclusion, promoting a sense of community. All materials are provided, each program is unique and changes every visit, and participants always end up with something to take home. 

Programs typically are structured with an element of learning and sensory exploration of nature followed by a hands on activity. We believe nature inspires creativity and working with natural materials encourages people to be more grounded and present in the moment.

Three Main Focuses for our Programs:

Activity Based

Our programs involve a very hands on activity. A great opportunity to get your hands dirty, work on coordination and motor skills, and become grounded and present in the moment. All materials included. 

Sensory Based

Our programs use the senses to connect to plants as well as each other. Great for a memory care setting or participants needing a less information heavy program. This is great  for social engagement, mental stimulation, and sensory exploration.

Educational Based

Our programs engage participants who are interested in always learning and connecting to the world around them. This part of programs offer cognitive benefits as well as positive social interaction and stimulation.


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Programs are able to be customized to your goals

All programs are adaptable to any population of people

How It Works

Programs are available both as a one time workshop, as well as continuing scheduled monthly workshop. Once you contact us we set up a day and time to come to your facility and facilitate the program. We bring all the materials you will need and participants end up having something they can keep after the program, like a plant or a project. We recommend holding a program at least once a month to create continuity and continued benefits from the therapeutic programs we offer. 

Examples of Program Topics

Exploring a variety of fresh herbs, engaging in conversation about how they are traditionally used, and an activity like making tea with samples of the herbs.

Learning about a specific plant, the basics of caring for that plant, and potting and planting seeds or a small plant that participants can watch grow and care for. 

Using natural materials to create a mandala, a mindful relaxing and creative experience that also practices fine motor skills.

Learning about pollinators and then helping to design and then plant a beautiful pollinator garden on the facilities grounds.

More examples of projects offered with programs:

The possibilies are endless and plant and nature programs are accessible to all.

Programing is available year round and reflect the seasons of nature.

Programs are typically 1 hour long, include all needed materials, and participants are left with a plant or finished project. 

Pricing Starts at $150/one hour program for up to 10 participants (price includes travel to locations within a one hour drive of Burlington CT and all materials). 

Smaller and larger group sizes available.


We are happy to answer any questions you have!

Populations served by Bloom Where Planted: 

Day programs, Senior Centers, Clubs, Assisted Living, Memory Care Centers, Mental Health programs, Special Education, Wellness Groups, Library us to talk about what your group needs and we will work to create a program suitable to you!


Contact by phone or text at 860-706-7764